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Lebanon Judging info

2017 Pigmania Lebanon KCBS BBQ Judges Information

Welcome to the 2017 PigMania Lebanon BBQ Contest! Please note that this is a sanctioned KCBS event and only certified KCSB judges will be allowed to judge.

We sincerely appreciate your interest and will do everything we can do to make your visit to Marion enjoyable!

PigMania Lebanon – Judge Timeline

10:30 am — 11:00 am — Judges Check In
11:00 am  — Judges Meeting
12:00 pm  — Chicken
12:30 pm — Pork Ribs
1:00 pm — Pork
1:30 pm — Beef Brisket
2:00 pm — Desert
4:00 pm — Awards

Event Details for Judges

  • Judging will be indoors
  • Judges get free ice cream after judging
  • Judges have access to indoor bathrooms
  • We are having a Kids-Q contest at 4:00pm Friday evening and may need a few of you to judge that for us
  • Also on Friday night is a charity rib-off at 5:00pm that we could use a few judges to table captain for. We are expecting to need 10 people to help out (table captain, turn-in table and grazing table.

 Click Here for Judging Application

Expected Judges as of 06/22/2017:

rich yerkey – Master Judge
John French – Master Judge
Millard VanHoose – Master Judge
Virginia VanHoose – Master Judge
Mark Delashaw – Master Judge
Mike Beair – Master Judge
john dzurovcin – Master Judge
Phil Tempel – Master Judge
S. Scott Riffle – Master Judge
Claudia Hogman – Master Judge
Leslie R Hogman – Master Judge
mary walker – Master Judge
rufus walker – Master Judge
Richard E Perry – Master Judge
Cindy Fickel – Master Judge
Ed Fickel – Master Judge
Mike Paasch – Master Judge
Brenda Hall – Master Judge
Scott Armstrong – Master Judge
Tony Rospert – Master Judge
Craig Lovins – Master Judge
Lael Lovins – Master Judge
Robert Swedinovich
Lloyd Wrilght
Dean K Smith
Kenneth D Smith
Ed Stanek – Master Judge
Xuan Stanek
John Newell – Master Judge
Rick Hanna