All Comp Peoples Choice Chicken Wings Rules

People’s Choice Wing Judging:

For those of you who have not judged before, there is a People’s Choice category for Chicken Wings
Here is how the People’s Choice will go down:

  1. Each attendee can purchase tickets to sample wings from the professional competitors and cast your vote for their favorite chicken wings.
  2. Each cooking team will have the wings at their station.
  3. To Sample:
    1. Purchase tickets from the “Wing Committee Table” by the event entrance
    2. Look for teams with a sign that says “People’s Choice” hung above their cooking area
    3. Give the ticket that says “Wing Me” to the cook in exchange for 1 wing
  4. To Vote:
    1. The ticket that says “Wing Vote” can be placed in the bucket for your favorite team, team buckets are at the each cooks station
  5. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony later that evening


Competitors – To compete in the People’s Choice Wings:

  1. Cook as many wings as you like
    1. Open container, open garnish and open cooking fuel (gas, wood, charcoal, etc.)
  2. Wings must be cooked onsite
  3. Wings must be inspected by ACSA Rep before cooking
  4. Hang your People’s Choice” sign above your cook area
  5. Have wings ready for the public at “Turn-In Time”
    1. Wings should be available for 1 hour
  6. Exchange 1 wing per every “Wing Me” ticket you receive
  7. if someone likes your wing they will give you a “Wing Vote” ticket, have them place that in your designated voting bucket
  8. PigMania staff will be around to collect tickets after event