Eastland ACSA Judge

PigMania Eastland Mall 2018 ACSA Steak Judges Information & Sign-up

Welcome to the 2019 PigMania Eastland Steak Contest! Please note that this is a sanctioned ACSA event and certified ACSA judges will be given priority on judging

September 28th 2019 @ Eastland Mall Food Court:

2740 Eastland Mall B, Columbus, OH 43232


PigMania Eastland – Steak Judge Timeline

1:00 pm – 1:30 pm — Judges Check In
1:30 pm  — Judges Meeting
2:00 pm  — Seated, ready for turn-ins
4:00 pm — Awards

Event Details for Judges

  • Judging will be indoors
  • Judges have access to indoor bathrooms
  • ACSA members get priority seating


Expected Judges 03/15/2019:


Last year’s Judges:

Ed Stanek
Xuan Stanek
Mike Cleemput
Melinda Sherbs
Terry Courtney
mike beair
John Schmidt
Brooklin Surber
Paige Wolfe
Hayley Wolfe
Mike Paasch
Marcia Paasch
Larry Pogue
Scott A Grinstead
Steve Grinstead
Jason Anderson