PigMania Hilliard 2018 KCBS BBQ Judges Information

Welcome to the 2018 PigMania Hilliard BBQ Contest! Please note that this is a sanctioned KCBS event and only certified KCSB judges will be allowed to judge.

June 30th 2018, Franklin County Fairgrounds: 4951 Northwest Pkwy, Hilliard, OH 43026

PigMania Hilliard – Judge Timeline

10:30 am — 11:00 am — Judges Check In
11:00 am  — Judges Meeting
12:00 pm  — Chicken
12:30 pm — Pork Ribs
1:00 pm — Pork
1:30 pm — Beef Brisket
2:00 pm — Desert
4:00 pm — Awards

Event Details for Judges

  • Judging will be indoors
  • Judges get free ice cream after judging
  • Judges have access to indoor bathrooms

 Click Here for Judging Application


Expected Judges as of 06/26/2018:

Scott McGraw – Master Judge
Ed Stanek – Master Judge
Xuan Stanek
Ed Fickel – Master Judge
Cindy Fickel – Master Judge
Scott Armstrong – Master Judge
Joe DeBella – Master Judge
Edward (Rooster) Hill – Master Judge
Tony Rospert – Master Judge
RICHARD PERRY – Master Judge
Phil Tempe – Master Judge
KAY BRATANIEC – Master Judge
Rick Miller – Master Judge
Larry Pogue
Faith Pogue
Dean K Smith
kenneth smith
Rufus Walker – Master Judge
Mary Walker – Master Judge
William Wyler
rich yerkey – Master Judge
john dzurovcin – Master Judge
James Hilb
Brad Jones
Brian Solomon
rick conner
Michael A Cleemput
Melinda Sherbs
Stanford T Williams Jr
Lloyd Wright
Judy Wright
William Freese
Kevin Haugh
Thomas Murray
Loretta Murray
Michael Beair – Master Judge
John Conner
Rose Kunc
Rick Jackson
Randy Buckner
Dan Popovich
Terry Courtney