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Lebanon Charity Rib-off Rules

Charity Riboff Black

Welcome to the PigMania Lebanon Charity Rib-Off contest

Be a BBQ judge for the day and eat some of the best ribs you have ever had!

The Rib Off competition will be held on Friday evening at 5:00 p.m. to benefit Community Computer Alliance who does job skills training to people with Autism

The competitors in the Professional BBQ contest, select BBQ teams and restaurants from Lebanon will be cooking up their best BBQ ribs for you to judge and see once and for all who has the best darn ribs in the country.

Tickets are just $20 per person and 100% of proceeds from this event go to support the local charity.


  1. Seating is limited to 16 people
  2. Anyone 16yrs. of age and older can judge
  3. No prior judging experience required
  4. Judging takes approximately 30 minutes
  5. Each person will judge approximately 8 Ribs
  6. Judges get free entry into festival
  7. Must love good BBQ
  8. Awards ceremony is 6:00 pm Friday evening
  9. Entry fee is non-refundable

Charity Rib-Off Judge sign up form: Sign-up ends Friday August 25th.

Form Coming soon…


Below you will find the information need to compete along with an application.  Sign-up ends 1 week before event.

  1. Cook off is an unsanctioned pork rib cook off.
  2. Mandatory cook meeting will be done at 11:00 am Friday afternoon with Turn-in will be at 5:00 pm Friday night.
  3. Open container, open garnish and open cooking fuel (gas, wood, charcoal, etc.).
  4. Ribs can be pre-seasoned and / or pre-marinated, yet must be un-cooked in any way.
  5. Teams are required to submit a minimum of Eight (8) separate ribs (must be cut apart) in a 9 by 9 standard container. (container will be supplied to you)
  6. Meat will not be inspected. Meat can be marinated or seasoned ahead of time but must be uncooked in any way.
  7. Cooking can begin after arrival and meat must not be removed from a team’s area until turn-in.
  8. You must use your own utensils, grills, seasoning and marinades.
  9.  Teams must not share cooking equipment.
  10. Please use food service gloves while handling meat. If you are unable to get any, please ask at the cooks meeting and we will provide you with some.
  11. Judging will be the same as the KCBS rules based on appearance, tenderness and texture. Nine being the highest and one being the lowest.
  12. Only one submission from each team area is allowed.
  13. Awards will be handed out at the award ceremony on Friday evening at 6:00 pm, trophies will be handed out to the top 3 spots along with a check for 1st place.

1st Place – $250 & trophy

2nd Place -trophy

3rd Place – trophy