SMKOA Kids-Q Rules

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Welcome to the PigMania Shelby / Mansfield KOA Kids-Q contest (Chicken Wings)

1st place –  $50 & trophy
2nd place – $25 & Ribbon


Kids-Q contest entry fee is $10.00 unless a parent is cooking in the Professional contest, then the Kids-Q event fee is waived and the application is included with the Pro cook teams application.


Please go over everything with the cook so that everyone knows and understands the rules.

  1. Check-in/ Kids cook meeting will be done at 6:30 PM Friday evening. Turn-in will be at 2:30 pm Saturday.
  2. Kids (ages 6 – 15) will be able to compete and KCBS rules apply
  3. Unless otherwise stated below. Kids affiliated with a Team at the KCBS contest may cook in their teams designated spot. If they are not with a team an area will be assigned for those contestants to cook in.
  4. One adult helper is allowed per team. Let’s make sure to keep the kids safe so please have a responsible adult prepare and tend to fires as well as do any knife work. All other times the adult is to be hands off. The child must do the preparation, cooking and presentation. If the child is unable to do all of these he/she is too young to cook. Adult helper may do lighting of the grill and/or any slicing deemed too dangerous for the cook. The adult helper must be present at all times until the box is turned in.
  5. 2 Lbs. of chicken wings will be provided to each team at the  “Cooks Meeting”
  6. You can use your own utensils, grills, seasoning and marinades. Please use food service gloves while handling meat. If you are unable to get any, please ask at the cooks meeting and we will provide you with some.
  7. Open container, open garnish and open cooking fuel (gas, wood, charcoal, etc.).
  8. Judging will be the same as the KCBS rules based on appearance, tenderness and texture. Nine being the highest and one being the lowest.
  9. Must turn in at least 6 chicken wings, feel free to include more if you like.

Awards will be handed out at the ceremony on Friday evening at 6:00pm.

Kids-Q Contest Application

Sign-up deadline: May 29th @ midnight

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